New York 07


$50 Member Obligation


Did you fulfill your obligation yet?

With 100% participation from our members we can achieve a goal.  That goal will reach us to get the best awards possible at the end of the year.  

Every member must secure $50.00 in revenue for the district.  This can be done by fundraising throughout the year, get sponsorships (get your sponsorship form here)or by simply making a monetary donation.  

If you do not meet your revenue obligation you will not be able to receive any Year End Awards from your district, however, you may still be able to qualify to compete at the NBHA Worlds.

Check out the fundraising page to find out how you can help out. 


your membership card!

You MUST bring  it with 
you to every show!

Member Obligations ...

(Full dress code is expected)

1. All members must show their card at time of entry for all NBHA events. 

2. Proof of Negative Coggin's & Rabies for each horse will be required at all shows. 

3. It is the member's responsibility to provide the district with current contact information. 

4. Public display of alcohol or recreational drugs will not be tolerated. 

5. All dogs must be on a leash at all times for the safety of our members and spectators. 

6. Refunds: No refunds will be given after a class has begun. 

7. Runners and exhibitioners will receive three arena calls and will be disqualified if they have not run by the third call unless otherwise directed. 

8. Children must have adequate supervision. If it has been determined by the District 07 Director, and/or Show Coordinator/Show Board (of arena where sanctioned run is held) that a child has been left inadequately supervised all parties may be asked to leave. 

9. No draws will be permitted without monies being paid. Pre-entries for other riders are allowed only with monies paid at time of entry and draw. All pre-entries must be signed before the rider is allowed to compete. If the draw is set at a pre-determined time, all late entries will be placed at the end of the draw. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Once the draw has been completed and recorded on the entry form, no changing of draw order or horse order (if multiple horses) will be allowed. Once the first horse in the class has run, there will be no more entries allowed, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 

10. Any infraction of Section E of the NBHA rulebook may result in a member or non-member of NY District 07 being asked to leave the premises immediately and/or disqualified from the show where infraction occurred or be fined. In addition, infractions may result in suspension from a number of shows for the season and/or removal of points for the year. 

11. Dress code: 
New York District 07 encourages and promotes appropriate western attire, but does not require a dress code as stated in Section F of the NBHA rule book, unless specifically stated on a handbill / advertisement of a sanctioned show, sponsored by NBHA NY07. Everyone should assume full dress code, unless otherwise noted by District Director. The Barrel Spectacular at State Fair is FULL DRESS CODE. 

12. Requirements to receive district awards: 
             Be a National and District member in good standing. 
             Meet financial obligations. 
             Secure at least $50 in revenue for NBHA NY District 07. 

13. The following will be used to break ties for year-end awards: 
             1. FIRST- member having attended a greater percentage of sanctioned shows 
             2. SECONDLY- member having won most first 
             3. THIRDLY - member having earned the most money 
             4. LASTLY- coin flip 

14. Format: 
            Open: 4D (fastest time, fasted time +1/2 second, fastest time +1 second, fastest time +2 seconds)
            Senior 4D (fastest time, fasted time +1/2 second, fastest time +1 second, fastest time +2 seconds) 
            Youth  4D (fastest time, fasted time +1/2 second, fastest time +1 second, fastest time +2 seconds)